What is Vote Oswego?

Vote Oswego is a project to help members of the Oswego community make an impact in all elections by stressing the importance of political participation no matter the political affiliation; making registration fun, easy, and secure; providing personalized support; and encouraging eligible voters to submit absentee ballots or go to the pollls.

Our 2020 Staff


Campaign Manager: Dr. Allison Rank

Creative Director: Rebecca Mushtare

Design Team

Angel Belford, Caroline Mooney, Darold Housley, Francesca Rescigno, Jose Gomez, Madelyn Smith, and Taylor Powderly

Grassroots Team

Adam Spiegel, Alexa Cox, Brett Powers, Chase Hoffman, Chris Sugar, Corey Cesare, Dakota Wilson, Daniel Berns, Elan Sicard, Esther Loja, Evan Penchuk, Hayley Weiner, Jess Rera, Joshua Markland, Julia Krurknowski, Khadejah Taylor, Lauren Fitzgerald, Matthew Brush, Nathan Beers, Noah Ramer, Rachel McKenna, Spencer Manganiello, and Zachary Nuñez