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Absentee ballots must be postmarked by November 7th, 2016

Most students voting from campus will likely need to submit an absentee ballot to cast their votes.
Request for an absentee ballot can be completed during registration or by filling out an absentee ballot request ballot and submitting it separately.

Student registered in Oswego County

Students who are registered in Oswego county must visit their designated polling location on election day. Election day is November 8th, 2016. Check your polling location at voterlookup.

Student registered in another County in NYS

Students registered in a New York state county besides Oswego can either drive to their designated polling location on election day or request an absentee ballot to vote via mail. Absentee ballots must be mailed to your county board before Nov 7th for New York state. Request an absentee ballot at For those wishing to vote in person, check your polling location at voterlookup.
Note: Absentee ballot requests require a reason for being unable to make it to your polling location, such as being away at school.

Student registered in another state

Out-of-state students can also request absentee ballots but will require a form from the state in which they are registered. Check to find a form for your specific state. Note: Deadlines for submission vary from state to state. Your state’s submission acceptance might end before New York State.

Rules for Election Day

Presidential Debate

We love seeing students who are passionate enough to wear political apparel, but poll workers don’t!

  • In New York state, wearing any campaign gear - a button, sticker, t-shirt, hat, etc. - that promotes a particular candidate or ballot initiative within 100 feet of a polling place is illegal.
  • While we’ll be using geo-filters like crazy on November 8, New York state also prohibits taking pictures within the polling location. DO NOT try and take a selfie with your ballot!

Vote Oswego will have you covered for photo-ops at our table outside the electioneering boundary. We’ve even made our own poll booth for an Instagram-worthy moment!

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