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CLAS Brown Bag Discussion Series

This semester’s CLAS Brown Bag Discussion Series features a series of conversations related to the current election cycle. All dates and times for tentative.

  • Oct. 26, 12:30pm-2pm: Beyond the Soundbite: What’s Missing from the Conversation?
  • Nov. 16, 12:30pm-2pm: Debriefing 2016

Debate Watch Parties

  • This semester, Community Services is hosting viewing parties for all presidential and vice-presidential debates.
  • Oct. 20, 4pm-6pm, Mahar 467: Third Presidential Debate Recap with Faculty Discussion

Local Congressional Debates and Appearances (Off-Campus)

  • Oct. 23: WRVO-FM Time TBD The Campbell Conversations radio show will be hosted by Syracuse University political science zprofessor Grant Reeher.
  • Oct. 25: Time Warner Cable News TIme TBD The debate moderated by Liz Benjamin will air on Time Warner Cable Channel 10.
  • Oct. 31: Post-Standard Time TBD The candidates will answer questions during a joint appearance before the editorial board of and The Post-Standard at the Syracuse Media Group offices.
  • Nov. 3: CNY Central TV Time TBD The candidates will debate in the studios of WSTM-TV (Channel 3) in Syracuse. The debate will air on Channel 3 and Channel 5, WTVH-TV.
  • Nov. 6: WSYR-TV Time TBD The candidates will debate in the studio of WSYR-TV (NewsChannel 9) in DeWitt.


Research shows that students are more likely to vote when two things happen:

  1. Another student - NOT a commercial, our parents, or professors - encourages us to register and get out to the polls.
  2. When we get the facts - Where do we go? When do we go there? What do we need to have with us?

Hearing from a fellow student and having the facts can increase our likelihood of getting to the polls by almost 10 percent. Let other Lakers know that #VotingIsLit by volunteering with Vote Oswego! We could use your help to reach out to our Laker community and answer their questions about registering, receiving a ballot, and voting at the polls. Even using our hashtags and tagging @VoteOswego on social media is a way to get involved and help our message be heard!