Find Your District

How to find your districts for Statewide Offices

Districts for Federal office are not the same as districts for Statewide Offices, such as State Assembly and State Senate. Luckily there are tools for finding districts for statewide offices using a site set up by the New York State government itself.

The following are some materials we have compiled to help you find which District you’re registered in. No sites are one-stop-shops for information, so we’ve provided multiple materials which provide different information. We recommend that you check out all of these materials so you have the full picture!

How to Use Vote411:

Vote411 is a nonpartisan resource for persons to use in order to get nonpartisan information on candidates and issues.

How to Use Ballotpedia:

Competitive Congressional Districts of NY

A number of New York Congressional Districts—including the districts for Oswego County and Onondaga County—are highly competitive swing districts. This means the seat is sometimes held by Democrats and sometimes held by Republicans. Below are the top 4 Congressional Districts SUNY Oswego Students are from.

NY-24 |

NY-24 includes all of Cayuga, Onondaga, and Wayne counties, as well the western section of Oswego County.

NY-24 is currently represented by Representative John Katko who was first elected in 2014.

NY-2 |

NY-2 includes southwest Suffolk county and southeast Nassau county.

NY-2 is currently represented by Representative Peter King who was first elected in 1992.

NY-3 |

NY-3 includes Northwestern Suffolk County, across Northern Nassau County, and into Northeastern Queens county.

NY-3 is currently represented by Representative Tom Suozzi who was first elected in 2016.

NY-14 |

NY-14 includes eastern Bronx and north-central Queens

NY-14 is currently represented by Representative Joe Crowley, who was first elected in 1998.