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Vote Oswego has many opportunities throughout its whole campaign. There are many people that can direct you into the right direction for however you want to help. If you are unsure of who to contact you can always email the General Vote Oswego email at

Image of the Data Analyst

Tyler Stever

Data Analyst

To provide the security of student’s information, the Data Analyst collects basic information to ensure that everyone who registers with Vote Oswego will be able to vote.

Image of the Volunteer Coordinator

Rachel Allen

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator gets in touch with people who are interested in volunteering with Vote Oswego. They give potential volunteers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to choose from.

Image of Media Coordinator

Stephanie Radomski

Media Coordinator

The Media Intern engages with students using social media. They’re responsible for distributing all messaging for Vote Oswego.

Image of Coalitions Coordinator

Dalton Bisson

Coalitions Coordinator

The Coalition Coordinator works with clubs and organizations at SUNY Oswego to engage and assist students to vote.

Image of Education Coordinator

Jordan Harcleroad

Education Coordinator

The Education Intern creates events for Residence Halls, board materials, and other programming to further educate SUNY Oswego students on the importance of political participation, as well as how to vote.


Dr. Allison Rank


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