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Vote Oswego is part of a movement allowing young people to become a larger part of the political conversation by their profile as voters. Our goal is to register at least 1,200 new voters at SUNY Oswego for the upcoming election. We help student’s request absentee ballots and make sure Lakers submit their ballots either at a polling place or through mail. Raising awareness towards the importance of voting can overall alter the election and is why it’s our turn.

Students face an increasing number of issues, like the rising cost of higher education, student loan debt, and receiving finding work in economic slumps. Unfortunately, the issues we care about often get overlooked by both politicians and candidates because of our generation’s low voter turnout.

But we’re tired of being ignored!

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Reasons to vote

Many people don’t prefer the choices at the top of the ticket this year. And, frankly, we don’t care who you vote for! But, keep in mind two things:

First, we take the better safe than sorry approach. Registering to vote doesn’t mean that you MUST vote on Election Day. But, not registering means you CAN’T vote. Don’t wake up on Nov. 8 wanting to vote and wishing you could go back in time and register.

Second, this election is about a lot more than the presidency! Many districts are voting for new Congressional representatives, state representatives, judges, and more. You can learn about every election being contested in your district as well as getting information about all of those candidates at www.vote411.org.